I offer you free photo shoots. Please note the following points:

  1. I make the pictures for you for free. In exchange I would get permission from you to share the pictures on my platforms.
  2. To make an appointment with me please use the booking tool.
  3. Write me what we want to photograph. Actually everything is possible but I need different equipment for some shots. We can take pictures of you, your pet or other things. If you are a child or teenager your parents must be present.
  4. For time reasons I can only visit the region around Bamberg and Erlangen. Alternatively we can meet directly in Bamberg.
  5. To get your pictures, have a USB stick with a minimum of 16GB ready.
  6. I can also rework single pictures on request. Please understand that I can not edit all of them.
  7. Please read the privacy policy.
  8. Finally, the most important point: please offer me a beer 😉

Please note that your personal data will be deleted after the shooting. If we can’t find a date I will delete the data after a few weeks. At the shooting you have to sign a declaration of consent (Einverständniserklärung). Of course only pictures with your consent will be used!